The LG Electronics 55LA9700 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 240Hz 3D Smart LED TV is a high end television that is rich in features and world class technologies. The ultra high definition resolution is the highest resolution available in the market. The picture quality is the best when watched in this television and the larger display adds feather to the crown. The sliding sound bar available in the television gives unmatched audio experience that goes on par with the high quality display. Since the sound bar is designed such that it can be slid away when not in use, it does not cause any problems to the sleek design of the television. With 4K resolution, you will not miss even a minute detail of the picture and the video. The television is also the best for playing high resolution video games. The image quality is enhanced so as to go on par with the resolution. This model is full of high end technologies including the above said 4K resolution, ultra HD feature etc. Another distinguishing feature of this television is the Nano full LED display that has Micro Pixel Control which brings all the details of the images and videos to the users. Thus you can enjoy all the natural colors of the pictures along with the original brightness and darkness.

The IPS panel technology used by LG enables you to enjoy the superior quality of the movies from anywhere in your room. You will not experience any blurriness in the picture when you view the television from wide angles. You will be stunned to experience such a wide end viewing angle that no other television in the market provides. The television can be operated using a magic remote control that will give you all the power to manage the television settings. The remote control gives you various features for navigating through channels. There is the traditional buttons along with voice mate and touch and click features. The voice mate feature enables users to speak in their natural tone to the remote control which then sends signals to the television for accessing content. You can change channels, increase the volume, access internet content and perform many other functions by talking to the remote. The scroll wheel adds to the simplicity of navigating through the content. All internet applications such as YouTube, NetFlix and Hulu Plus can be accessed using this television. You can seamlessly connect your television with other compatible devices so that you can watch all videos and images stored in your mobile phones in the big screen. All you need to do is to connect the smart television with the device and start enjoying the images. This model is 3D compatible and the special 3D glasses give never like before experience in watching 3D content. The glasses are battery free and flicker free thereby enabling easy access to 3D videos. 4 sets of glasses are included with the set. There is also 2D to 3D converter which converts all 2D content to 3D content. The dual play technology of the television enables users to play dual player games on the television by splitting the screen into two halves. Since the television was launched only a couple of months back, you will be one of the very few people who own this magnificent television that has loads of surprises in offer for the customers. LG has come out with one of the best television models that they can be proud of. Even though the price of the model is higher, it  is rightly so because of the out of the box features that it offers.